73 Self Storage Sheds

Newly Built 2017

24/7 Secure Access

Video Surveillance

73 Self Storage Sheds | Built 2017

24/7 Secure Access | Surveillance

Sheds Available For Rent Now

Secure Storage Bangalow has 73 Self Storage Sheds for business and personal effects. We keep your goods secure and safe in our clean and well-ventilated sheds. 

Refer to our shed sizes and use our space estimator to calculate the amount of storage you need and select from one of 6 different shed sizes and give Elders Bangalow a call today.​ Our prices range from $150 to $265 per month depending on the shed size.

Our ‘Hints and Tips’ page has lots of useful information: where to get packaging, how to pack up your goods, how to pack your storage unit and what you can’t store.

The sheds are easily accessible by the ‘U’ shaped driveway where you can park outside your shed door, (4 sheds are a few steps away from the car.) You can enter or exit from either gate and 3 Bugam Place is a low traffic cul-de-sac making it very easy to access the storage facility.

To further protect your goods, the shed roofs are insulated and together with using lighter colours on the roof and doors reduces heat and condensation. HomeGuard® Termite Management is in place and Regular Pest Management is carried out.​

Newly built in 2017 with the latest in security, recording video from 13 high resolution video cameras. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by individually coded access cards which also record each entry and exit. Surrounded by steel security fences and concrete walls, and with driveway LED lights activated by motion sensors to increase your security and safety.​

Our storage sheds are managed by Elders Real Estate Bangalow which are only a 2 minute drive from the sheds and they have ample free parking outside the front of their building or behind it.

Our site exports more power than we use with a 6kW Solar System and the large 9.6kWhr Battery Backup system keeps the security system and gates operating for several hours on power outages. 

3 Bugam Place, Bangalow, NSW 2479

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Hints & Tips

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