Shed Sizes

73 Self Storage Sheds

Newly Built 2017

24/7 Secure Access

Video Surveillance

73 Self Storage Sheds | Newly Built 2017

24/7 Secure Access | Surveillance

Shed Sizes in mVolume in cubic mAbout this BigHolds about this much
2m x 3m18.0Bathroom1 Bedroom Home
3m x 3m27.0Bedroom2 Bedroom Home
3m x 3.5m31.5Bedroom2 Bedroom Home
3m x 3.7m33.3Bedroom2 Bedroom Home
2.5m x 5.8m43.5One Car Garage3 Bedroom Home
3m x 5.8m52.2One Car Garage3-4 Bedroom Home

Please Note:

  • In the table “Holds about this much” is a rough estimate and the actual amount of space you need will depend on the type of goods you have, how accessible you want them to be and the way you fill your space.
  • Shed Heights 3m. (3m deep sheds are 3m high at the front rising to 3.4m high at the back and 5.8m deep sheds are 3m high at the front rising to 3.8m high at the back.)
  • Shed Sizes are approximate.

Typical Shed Pictures

2m x 3m Shed

3m x 3m Shed

2.5m x 5.8m Shed

3m x 5.8m Shed

There are 73 sheds in 6 sizes. Newly built in 2017. Each shed is a minimum of 3m high at the front allowing you to store 25% more compared to a 2.4m high shed. The roller doors are 2.2m high and up to 2.7m wide. Each shed has an insulated roof and together with light roof and light door colours help reduce heat and condensation. Sheds are also well ventilated.

The driveway is shaped in a ‘U’ allowing you to park your car right outside your shed, except 4 sheds are a few steps away. Where the driveway turns back around to the other gate, this area has been designed to allow a small light truck or a car with a 6’x4’ trailer to drive around. Both gates are bi-directional so you can enter or exit from either gate. Being a low traffic cul-de-sac also makes it easier for trucks and cars to back into the facility, however please note you may need an extra person to block the gate sensor so the gates don’t close before you have a chance to back in.

To keep your goods protected from pests, HomeGuard® Termite Management was put in place during construction and there are also numerous rat and mice bait stations around the facility. Regular Pest Management is carried out by the company Active Pest Management

Secure Storage Bangalow was unaffected by the flooding in March 2017 as it’s well above the flood plains and is located further away from the coast with it’s corrosive salt air.