Secure Storage Bangalow is about a 17 minute drive from Suffolk Park. Suffolk Park is situated about 10 minutes South of Byron Bay. It is next to Tallow Beach which stretches 15km from Cosy Corner at Cape Byron to Broken Head.

Secure Storage Bangalow was unaffected by the flooding in March 2017 and February/March 2022 as it’s well above the flood plains and is located further away from the coast with its corrosive salt air. It is easily accessible, located in a quiet cul-de-sac in the Bangalow Industrial estate with a U shaped driveway and 2 access gates and the perfect place to store your goods if you live in Suffolk Park. We have a range of sheds to meet your needs so call Pure Property Management now on 0456 776 776 to book your shed.

Suffolk Park is flat and ideal for family cycling. There is a network of paths through Suffolk Park itself and then past the high school into Byron or you can walk along the beach to Cosy Corner under the Cape and then through the National Park to Lighthouse Road and then into Byron Bay township.

There is a range of accommodation, from the caravan park on the beach, to motels and holiday houses. The Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park has direct beach access with no roads to cross and fronts onto pristine Tallow Beach Dunes. Close to one of Australias most reliable surf breaks, with year round fishing.

There are also walks to the Bundjalung Ti-Tree Lake (Taylors Lake). Located on Tallow Beach between the southern end of Suffolk Park and Broken Head, is the stunning natural dunal ti-tree lake, which is alive with water birds. There are various pathways to the lake but the main route and entrance way is found along the beach. If you are in the car, you can either park at Broken Head and walk up the beach or park in one of the small beachfront car parks at the southern end of Alcorn Street and walk down from there.